What’s Trending In Flooring?

polar fleece | Floor Boys

At Floor Boys, we realize that flooring in a home is often the most used element. It is also the most voluminous, and one of the most noticeable aspects of a home. For such reason, flooring should fit not only your lifestyle, but also your personality. We take great pride in finding the perfect flooring…

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How To Pick the Right Floor

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What is the appropriate flooring for your space? At Floor Boys, we recognize that there may not be a “perfect” flooring choice, but your selection can depend on several factors. Of course, these will include your personal taste and sense of style, but they should also include factors regarding how the space will be used…

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8 Important Questions To Ask Before Buying New Floors for your Home

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As you go through the process of finding the right flooring option for you, you’ll find yourself asking a lot of questions, like, “Do I want to invest in hardwood, or will laminate be fine?” or “Should I get more durable carpet, or carpet that is unbelievably soft?” To find the perfect floor for you,…

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Preventative Care and Cleaning of Carpeting

carpet_cleaning | Floor Boys

Carpeted floors need more attention than hardwood floors simply because dirt, liquids, and gooey messes aren’t removed as easily from fibers as they are from a smooth, coated surface. We know how difficult (and aggravating) it can be to try and keep your carpets looking clean when they seem to attract every muddy shoe, every…

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Caring for Your Hardwood

hardwood | Floor Boys

With proper care and routine maintenance, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy your hardwood floor for decades to come. Caring for Your Hardwood Thanks to the magic of modern stains and finishes, cleaning hardwood surfaces has never been easier. Just sweep on a regular basis with a soft bristle broom and/or vacuum…

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Why Are You Buying New Flooring?

showroom shopping Lexington, SC | Floor Boys

Getting Started When it comes to selecting your new flooring, there are a few things you want to keep in mind as you get started. So you’ve decided to add to the beauty and value of your new or existing home or business by installing new flooring. As you already know, adding new flooring is…

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Design Tips

interior_inspiration | Floor Boys

Once you have picked out the perfect flooring option for your home in Lexington, South Carolina, it is time to complete the look. While our flooring options in the Midlands are pretty extraordinary, by choosing the right home decor items, they can be taken to an entirely new level. To help you out, we have…

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Tips for Your Laminate & Vinyl

dad Child-playing Hardwood | Floor Boys

Taking care of your laminate & vinyl floors is just as important as taking care of hardwood floors. Follow the tips below to keep them looking brand new! Tips for Your Laminate • Never drag heavy objects across the floor because a laminate floor is comprised of a series of synthetic layers. This may result…

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Tile & Stone Maintenance

flooring_installed_enjoyed | Floor Boys

With proper floor care and maintenance, you can keep your tile or stone floor looking good for a long time. Below are some tips to follow. Grout Care • Seal your grout. • If your tile was installed using cement grout, the grout must be sealed 72 hours after installation to prevent staining. Epoxy grouts…

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Adding Value and Beauty

carpet | Floor Boys

At Floor Boys, we understand South Carolina residents value our historic roots while keeping a keen eye on the future. That commitment to both worlds is easy to see when you look at how we design, build, and decorate our homes. One of the simplest ways to increase your property resale value is to install…

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