Caring for Your Hardwood

With proper care and routine maintenance, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy your hardwood floor for decades to come.

Caring for Your Hardwood

Thanks to the magic of modern stains and finishes, cleaning hardwood surfaces has never been easier. Just sweep on a regular basis with a soft bristle broom and/or vacuum with a soft floor attachment. If your wood floor features a beveled edge, make certain that you are removing any debris that might collect in its grooves.

We also recommend that you periodically utilize a professional wood floor-cleaning product that has been approved and recommended by a qualified industry professional. Never clean wood with products that have been formulated for sheet vinyl or tile floors. Also, avoid self-polishing acrylic waxes. These can cause wood to become slippery and give it a dull and unattractive luster.

Beyond Cleaning

In addition to routine cleaning, you can take a number of additional precautions that will increase the longevity and heighten the quality of your investment. Follow these quick and easy tips, and your wood floor will simply love you for it!

• Protect your floor with throw rugs. By placing strategic coverings both inside
and outside doorways, you can help prevent unwanted dirt and grit from
scratching your floor’s delicate surface.

• Do not wet-mop! Standing water can wear away finish, damage wood grain,
and leave behind a discoloring residue. If you spill something, simply wipe it
up immediately with a slightly dampened towel.

• Don’t wear potentially damaging footwear like cleats and high heels in the
house. These can easily dent or scratch virtually any flooring surface.

• Place plastic or fabric-faced glides under furniture legs to prevent scuffs.
And NEVER slide furniture across the floor when you rearrange it!

• In colder environments, use a humidifier during the winter to minimize the
gaps and cracks that often result from changes in temperature.

For more tips in caring for and maintaining your hardwood floors, please contact the flooring professionals at Floor Boys. Our experts will gladly answer any questions you may have, while offering infinite flooring options at the best value with professional installation and friendly personal service.