Tile & Stone Maintenance

With proper floor care and maintenance, you can keep your tile or stone floor looking good for a long time. Below are some tips to follow.

Grout Care

• Seal your grout.

• If your tile was installed using cement grout, the grout must be sealed
72 hours after installation to prevent staining. Epoxy grouts don’t require a

• Maintain your grout.

• Even if the grout is properly sealed, discoloration and damage can still occur
if you don’t maintain it properly. Deep clean the grout periodically with a
cleaner specifically designed to remove buildup from grout. A proper cleaner
can remove all types of buildup, including mildew stains, soap scum, grease,
and oil.

Floor Protection

• Use protective pads for furniture.

• When your furniture is in direct contact with your tile or stone floor, they
may cause damage, such as scratches or gouges. To prevent this from
happening, affix protective pads to each point of contact.

• Use mats in high traffic areas.

• Place protective mats in all areas where traffic is heavy, such as the entryway
and exit. These mats will trap harmful substances, such as dirt and oil. They
will also prevent premature wear.


• Be careful with vacuums.

• Although it may be safe to vacuum a textured stone floor to remove debris,
never use the beater bar. The bristles can scratch the floor, causing
permanent damage. For a safer option, remove debris using a dust mop or a
soft broom.

• Deep clean with a damp mop.

• At least once every week, clean your stone or tile floor with a damp mop. Use
a cleaner appropriate for hard surfaces and grout. Be sure that the cleaner
you choose has a neutral pH. Otherwise, it may stain the grout. Avoid
cleaners that contain damaging chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine,
vinegar, and acid.

• Clean spills immediately.

• If you spill something on your tile or stone floor, mop or wipe it up
immediately. Leaving the substance on the floor may cause stains
or other damage.


• Refinish or reseal as necessary.

• Depending on the type of tile or stone used, you may need to reseal or
refinish your floor at regular intervals. Follow the manufacturer’s
instructions for resealing or refinishing the floor.

• Know when to replace tile or stone flooring.

• If your floor can’t be restored, consider replacing it. Floor Boys offers new
flooring and installation to customers in Lexington, South Carolina and
the surrounding area.

For more expert advice in caring for and maintaining your beautiful tile and stone floors, Floor Boys is here to help! Our flooring professionals can answer any and all questions you may have, including if it’s time for new flooring. Visit our showroom, to see your boundless flooring possibilities today!