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How to know when to sand?

Hardwood floors expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes over the years, eventually making an uneven surface. They can also suffer surface damage, such as scratches, yellowing with age, paint, or food or chemical stains. Sanding and refinishing can correct this and make your hardwood look like new.

Hardwood floors are the largest piece of furniture in your home – which means that it should get the highest level of care and attention. One of the greatest benefits of hardwood flooring is the ability to revive it with refinishing. Even if your flooring is looking shabby or dull, refinishing the floor can make it look like new again.

Because this process removes a portion of the surface wood, you can only do it a few times before the boards become too thin. In addition, while sanding any floor can be tricky, sanding floors that are less than 3/4 inch thick is especially difficult. That’s why, at Floor Boys, we’ll do a
free in-home assessment to make sure your hardwood floors are prime for sanding and refinishing.
The Sanding and Refinishing Process At Floor Boys, we’re proud of our sanding process. In addition to reinvigorating your hardwood floors, we’ll leave your home
in the same condition we found it – without the dust and debris that you may have heard about other flooring companies leaving everywhere.

After consulting with our experts, if you decide to get your hardwood sanded and refinished, this is how the process will go:

1. Prep. If needed, we’ll remove furniture from the area and cover all electrical outlets, vents, and light fixtures for protection.

2. Sanding. Using 99% sanding equipment, we’ll sand the floors down to the bare wood. As we sand, we’ll immediately follow with a special 4-stage vacuum to catch any other dust that may be left behind.

3. Stain. Once the hardwood is ready, we’ll apply a coat of stain, which provides the color for the wood.

4. Sealing. We start with two coats of Bona water-based polyurethane sealant, which doesn’t have the strong smell, doesn’t cause burning, and is more environmentally friendly than other sealants. Then we’ll finish with another coat of polyurethane on top of that.

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