Design Tips

Once you have picked out the perfect flooring option for your home in Lexington, South Carolina, it is time to complete the look. While our flooring options in the Midlands are pretty extraordinary, by choosing the right home decor items, they can be taken to an entirely new level. To help you out, we have compiled a list of simple design tips to make your space look like a showroom.

For When the Flooring is First

In a perfect world, you will always begin your design scheme with the floors. This way, you have no restrictions and you can really choose whatever fits your aesthetic the best. Once your flooring is installed, here are some tips to complete the rest of your home decor:

• If you chose a darker hardwood, contemporary furnishing and decor will
look amazing. Lighter hardwoods are excellent for traditional designs, and
medium finishes are great if you want transitional furniture.

• When carpet is your flooring choice, you can pretty much get away with any
kind of furnishings. In this case, it is all about the colors and hue that you
select. When looking at a sofa set, always look at a sample swatch next to the
carpet to make sure the shades blend well.

• Try to replicate the color of your flooring in other places throughout your
home. You go as simple as coordinating picture frames, or select occasional
tables to carry on the tone.

For When the Flooring is Last

Unfortunately, is it a lot more difficult if you are trying to choose a flooring option to coexist with the design elements you already have in your home. But that doesn’t mean it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to make it a little easier:

• Don’t buy any flooring option until you see a sample in your actual home.
While certain finishes or colors will look amazing in the showroom, when
you see them in your home, with your lighting, they may look different.

• Let the sample sit for a few days. Place it in a prominent space and really
make sure you love the way it looks with all of your decor elements. It’s
not so easy to just change your mind once your flooring is installed.

• When choosing your flooring, take cues from the existing cabinetry,
artwork, or end tables. This way, your finished design is sure to be cohesive.