Rustic Flooring Options: Finding Your Perfect Match

spa-like shower

It seems like everything today is “trending” as technology and social media drive and promote what’s popular. And why wouldn’t we all want our homes to look like we are paying attention to what is on trend at the moment? For many of us, following trends is impractical and, to…

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Budget Friendly Backsplash Tile Options

One of the finishing touches that can truly push your kitchen remodeling project to the next level is the backsplash. You’ve tackled cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring and wall colors; it’s time to figure out that sliver of real estate located between the bottom of your cabinets and your countertop. Have…

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The Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl flooring, known as Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) or Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), has become a favorite among both homeowners and professionals who are currently looking to upgrade floors. What exactly is Luxury Vinyl Flooring and what are the biggest advantages? Keep reading to find out!What is Luxury Vinyl?Whether…

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Carpet Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

Patterned carpet or area rugs are a fantastic way to freshen up your space with a surprising touch of color and texture. If it’s time to update your look, and you are considering a slightly bolder approach to floor coverings, read below for guidelines to choosing one that will suit…

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Mixed-Width Hardwood Plank Designs for a Unique Flooring Look

Mixed width hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has a timeless appeal, bringing depth, texture, and genuine charm to any room. But if you’re looking to make your space more visually captivating, you might want to consider mixing up the widths of your planks. Mixing width hardwood planks brings character and personality to your space, offering the flexibility to create patterns…

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Laminate vs Hardwood: Understanding Long-Term Performance

Kitchen Hardwood flooring | Floor Boys

If you are considering upgrading your existing flooring to something that looks like wood, two worthy options to consider are hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. Although they have a similar appearance, they are two very different flooring options. Unsure which option would work better for you? Keep reading to find…

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Low Maintenance Carpet Options for Busy Households

Carpets are cozy, there is no doubt about that. They feel great underfoot and can make your home feel warmer and quieter, which is great if you live in a cooler climate or have little feet, pitter-pattering through your space. What isn’t great about carpet is that it can wear…

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How to Choose the Color of Your Tile Grout

Bathroom tile flooring | Floor Boys

Choosing the perfect tile for your space is always so much fun, as well as creating a layout that looks amazing! The final step in any tile job is the grout. You don’t want to ignore this step and botch the finished results, so how do you go about choosing…

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Handling Stains: A Comprehensive Stain Removal Guide for Vinyl Floors

flooring expert repairing vinyl floor | Floor Boys

Fortunately, vinyl flooring is resilient and able to handle spills and heavy traffic with ease. Despite its waterproof surface, encountering a persistent spill is inevitable. It’s important to address any spill quickly to prevent it from staining or damaging your floors. Before you start, consult your manufacturer’s guide to ensure that the products and methods…

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Why Stain Resistant Carpets Work

Dirty boots on stain resistant carpet

If you want the comfort of carpet underfoot but are worried about the upkeep, stain-resistant carpets may be the perfect solution. Stain-resistant carpets provide the best of both worlds, providing style and softness as well as incredible resilience. Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing, today’s carpets are more durable than ever, making them an…

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