8 Important Questions To Ask Before Buying New Floors for your Home

As you go through the process of finding the right flooring option for you, you’ll find yourself asking a lot of questions, like, “Do I want to invest in hardwood, or will laminate be fine?” or “Should I get more durable carpet, or carpet that is unbelievably soft?”

To find the perfect floor for you, you need to ask a lot of questions about the needs of the space and about the various options your flooring professional recommends. That’s why we start off our Floor Boys Process with a free in-home assessment and then welcome you to our showroom to look at samples and discuss your options.

The questions don’t end when you choose your flooring, however. Next is the installation, and many homeowners may not know all the right questions to ask to make sure you get the high-quality, professional installation you deserve.

That’s why we’ve assembled the following list of questions every homeowner should ask their flooring professional before their installation, along with the answers you’ll receive from us at Floor Boys.

Questions to Ask Your Flooring Professional

Are you licensed and insured?
This is an important question, because it will tell you both how qualified the flooring installer is and whether you’ll be protected while they are working in your home. At Floor Boys, we are fully licensed in the state of South Carolina, and we carry over $100,000 in insurance.

Do you offer warranties, for the installation and for the floor itself?
When installing new flooring, there are two kinds of warranties at play – one for the flooring product itself, and one for the installation. Not all flooring companies offer warranties on their installations, and if they are not authorized by the floor manufacturer, they may void the manufacturer’s warranty by installing it. At Floor Boys, we offer a 5-year warranty on all of our hardwood installations and a 3-year warranty on carpet installations, and we’ll always assist you with the manufacturer’s warranty.

How much will the whole project cost?
Some flooring companies will only quote customers the main installation fee, while hiding other incidental fees until the final bill. At Floor Boys, we’re not going to hide anything from you. That’s why we focus on doing a strong in-house assessment at the beginning of our Floor Boys Process, so the proposal you’ll get is our best estimate of what the cost of your project will be.

Who will be installing my floor?
Some companies only sell flooring products, and leave you with the task of finding someone to install them. This is not the case at Floor Boys. Our highly-trained team of installation professionals will handle your installation.

What kind of steps should I take to prepare for the installation?
Prior to a Floor Boys installation, all you have to do to the space is remove smaller objects from the area. Our installation team will remove any heavy furniture from the area (and replace it after the job is done), so you don’t have to.

How long will it take to install my floor?
This will depend on the size of the space and what kind of flooring you choose. Sometimes it can take only a few hours, while other projects may take a few days. We’ll always explain how long we expect your project to take in your proposal, and we’ll schedule the installation in advance.

Who will take care of any debris or old flooring after the installation?
Some companies will gladly install new flooring for you, while leaving the debris and old flooring for you to remove. This is not the case with Floor Boys. If there’s any debris or old flooring from your installation, we’ll dispose of it for you – leaving your new floors as the only sign that we were even there.

How should I take care of my newly installed floor?
Again, this will depend on the kind of floor you choose. Once your floor has been installed, your Floor Boys team will explain how to best care for and maintain your new flooring and answer any other questions you have about it.