Adding Value and Beauty

At Floor Boys, we understand South Carolina residents value our historic roots while keeping a keen eye on the future. That commitment to both worlds is easy to see when you look at how we design, build, and decorate our homes. One of the simplest ways to increase your property resale value is to install new flooring. Whether you want to maintain historical ties with natural hardwoods or bring some Italian-inspired elements into your home with a patchwork of colorful tiles, we can help you find a solution that fits your lifestyle.

Intrinsic vs. External Rewards

Homeowners expect a safe and comfortable home. Today’s home buyer often looks for the newest decorating trends and design features. Selecting flooring that responds to both intrinsic and external forces keeps your resale value high, even if you aren’t ready to sell today.

Which floor material is right for your home?

Hardwood floor materials come in dozens of styles, finishes, cuts and appearances. True hardwoods are strong and durable. The appearance might be almost free of any species-characteristic marks or more rustic with visible knot holes and grain patterns. Finishes include flat, glossy and natural. Varied widths allow you to create simple and intricate designs.

Tile is versatile and comes in various styles, colors, and shapes. Some types of tile include:
• ceramic
• glass
• metal
• porcelain
• stone
• marble
• mosaic

Installing tile flooring with a sub-floor heating system provides a comfortable, easy to clean surface for the bathroom. Heated floors are a bonus that boosts resale value. Many homes in Columbia and the Midlands of South Carolina have tiled kitchens and baths. Textured ceramic tiles are safer than most floor types for older people because they are less slippery than smooth, heavily waxed surfaces.

Natural Stone floors, meanwhile, add sophistication and elegant beauty to almost any home. Using natural stone is excellent for moderate climates since the stone keeps indoor spaces cooler. Maintenance is minimal. Routine care involves dusting with a dry mop regularly and cleaning up dirt and liquid spills quickly.

Carpeting adds warmth and comfort to your home. Carpet flooring tends to reduce ambient noise. Styles include flat, textured, and sculpted fabrics. Installing new carpeting before listing your home may improve the resale price, but many homeowners prefer to replace old carpeting to avoid allergens, or to complement their furnishings and personal decorating preferences. Sculpted styles that hide dirt and neutral colors appeal to more buyers.