Why Are You Buying New Flooring?

Getting Started

When it comes to selecting your new flooring, there are a few things you want to keep in mind as you get started.

So you’ve decided to add to the beauty and value of your new or existing home or business by installing new flooring. As you already know, adding new flooring is one of the best and most popular ways of enhancing almost any type of structure, whether residential or commercial, and offers a great return on your investment.

Whether you’re installing new carpeting, hardwood flooring, vinyl, laminate or tile, there are certain initial steps to the process that are common to all. The first step is to find a flooring business in the South Carolina Midlands that offers highest quality products, excellent service, years of experience, expert consultation and a great reputation.

Since you’re reading this page, you’ve already taken that first step. But there are a few other things to consider before you decide what type of flooring is best for you, make your purchase and proceed to the installation process. Let’s take a look.

Why Are You Buying New Flooring?

• Do you want to beautify the room, or is there a practical reason?

• Are you planning to stay in the home or business for years or are you making
improvements in preparation of a sale?

Consider the Logistics of Your Room

Room logistics refers to the practical and physical characteristics of the rooms to be floored. Things to consider:

• What is the intended use of the room, and what type of activities will go on
there? Will it have just a single use or multiple ones?

• Does the room stand isolated or does it flow gracefully into another part of
the house?

• What are the physical dimensions of the room? (obviously an important
consideration when considering cost and what type of flooring will best
fit your budget)

• What type of lighting will the room have? This is an important but often
overlooked factor.

How Do You Want It to Look and Feel?

While the aesthetic characteristics that you want for a room are subjective and personal, they are still an important factor in your flooring choice. Think about:

• How the room will be decorated, and whether the room will likely be
redecorated in the future.

• The type of furnishings you’ll have in the room.

• Whether the room should have a formal atmosphere, business like or casual
and relaxing.

Expected Wear and Tear and Risks

• Will there be food served in the room or other potential for damage?

• Are children or pets expected to use the room regularly?

• Will there be exposure to outdoor elements?

If you live in the Midlands, Columbia or Lexington South Carolina, Floor Boys offers expert guidance on these initial steps and all the way to completion of your new flooring project. Contact Floor Boys today for a free assessment, and get your project started right.