Buying Tips

Flooring Buying Guide

With so many choices for new flooring, where do you begin? How do you decide between great options like solid and engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, carpet and more?

Here are a few tips from The Floor Boys to get you started!

Measure carefully!

To decide exactly how much flooring you'll need, you and your design expert will need to know the dimensions of your room, right down to irregular corners, doorways and closet spaces. We offer estimates and quotes to help make sure you get everything exactly right the first time! If you're installing the floors yourself, you may want to invest in an extra box of product, just in case cuts need to be made.

Budget is a key factor

There is a floor for every budget, and you should know the most bang you can get for your buck! By starting with budget, our experts can help you narrow down the best options to suit your individual needs without treading into the unaffordable.

For example, porcelain tile is often the best choice for spaces like bathrooms, but it can be a very labor-intensive option with high installation cost. Instead, you may want to try a tile lookalike such as waterproof vinyl or laminate.

Consider the layout & location of your current room

You use your current floors every day, so you know better than anyone how much foot traffic, sunlight, and other forms of wear and tear your new floors will experience once they're installed. Keep these factors in mind when you're comparing and contrasting the features of your different flooring options.

For example, you wouldn't want to install a wood floor in a room where moisture is inevitably going to be an issue. Likewise, you may want to consider products that are specifically designed to resist common issues such as staining and scratching, especially if you have pets or young children in your home.

Take home a sample (or a few!)

At Floor Boys, we're more than happy to provide samples of many of the products we sell, so you can take them home and see what they'll look like paired with your decor or your lighting.

Be prepared on installation day

When it comes to installation, many floors need time to acclimate to their new climate, temperature and moisture level included. You'll also need to account for heavy furniture in advance and plan have an adult at home to greet your installation team. Don't worry - your Floor Boys design experts will help you remember all the details!

Want more tips and information about buying and installing flooring? The team here at Floor Boys is ready to help! Give us a call or visit our showroom today.