Tips for Your Laminate & Vinyl

Taking care of your laminate & vinyl floors is just as important as taking care of hardwood floors. Follow the tips below to keep them looking brand new!

Tips for Your Laminate

• Never drag heavy objects across the floor because a laminate floor is
comprised of a series of synthetic layers. This may result in deep marks that
are difficult to remove. The use of an air sled (rubber blanket) or rollers will
protect against this result.

• Cover areas subject to excessive moisture, like the entryways, refrigerator,
sink and shower. This will prevent any standing water to penetrate the
seams between the laminate that could compromise the glue over time.

• Use rubber pads under furniture to spread the load and protect against

• Clean the floor on a regular basis with a vacuum to remove debris that can
cause scratching. As watermarks appear, mopping with a specially chosen
mop of micro pores to prevent heavy concentrations of water works well.
You will find products specially designed for laminate floors.

• Difficult stains can be removed with nail polish or paraffin without hurting
the surface.

• Avoid extremely high humidity on a regular basis in a room with laminate
flooring. Laminate flooring has up to a 10-mm standoff from the walls to
allow for expansion and contraction as the weather changes. Continuous
moisture can cause the laminate to swell at the edges.

• Repair your laminate flooring using wax colors or silicone alternative coloring
available at Floor Boys. Use a soft cloth when applying the color. If the
damage is extensive, the panel is easily replaced.

Tips for Your Vinyl

• Avoid walking on the seams for the first 12 hours after installation. Don’t roll
anything heavy over the newly installed vinyl floor for this period to prevent
permanent compression marks.

• Use an enhanced urethane sealant manufactured for vinyl floors to protect
against stains and discoloring. You’ll find these products in all the stores.
They act as a shield and make cleaning the floor very easy. Simply use water
with a little vinegar or a recommended vinyl floor cleaner with a mop.

• Keep water away from the seams. Although the seams have a sealant
applied, it is still possible for water to penetrate to the sub-floor. Dry the
area quickly to prevent such a situation.

• Make sure to use only vinyl floor approved floor mats. Some floor
mats-especially rubber-have the ability to alter the color of the floor.

• Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating front rug beater as it can
scratch or scar the flooring.

• Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners or scrubbing brushes, as they will mar the

• Apply a good coat of floor polish to protect the finish, make the
floor resistant to stains, and allow the easy removal of dirt.

• Use a rinse-free cleaner on a waxed floor to prevent wax buildup. Also, a
tablespoon of clear ammonia or dishwashing detergent in a quart of water
works well.

• Avoid paraffin-based waxes on the floor as they settle into the pores and
attract dirt.

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