What’s Trending In Flooring?

At Floor Boys, we realize that flooring in a home is often the most used element. It is also the most voluminous, and one of the most noticeable aspects of a home. For such reason, flooring should fit not only your lifestyle, but also your personality. We take great pride in finding the perfect flooring for people in all areas of South Carolina, including the Midlands. Traditionally, flooring has been sourced from plain and even unattractive materials. Currently, however, there are a number of trends superseding traditional flooring, and in the process, appealing to homeowners.

Exotic Hardwoods

Hardwood flooring is typically considered, in the flooring business, the pinnacle of quality. They represent class, sophistication, style, and elegance all in one surface. What’s more, exotic hardwood flooring is versatile in that, depending on the type of wood, it can blend with pretty much any decor. Regardless of where you live in South Carolina, exotic hardwoods are always available to you.


Carpeting is another trendy material to use for the flooring in your home. It offers both style and comfort when flooring can quite often be the contrary. At Floor Boys, we will ensure that your carpet is far from the musty old rugs you find in outdated homes. Whether you live in Lexington, Columbia, or a neighboring area, we have a wide range of carpeting options, including different textures, patterns, colors, and styles to choose from.


From large Spanish tile flooring, to smaller mosaic tiling, there are many great options in this category. One of the most appealing parts about using tile for your floors is that you can essentially turn them into a giant work of art. While this is done with varying degrees of boldness and creativity, it can be a lot of fun to design your floors using tiles of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Truly, the possibilities with tile flooring are endless.

Laminate and Resilient

Both laminate and resilient flooring are among the most affordable options in the industry, and they still offer quality and visual appeal. The technology used to manufacture laminate and resilient flooring has developed to such a point that it can quite closely mimic more expensive types of materials, like tile and even exotic hardwoods. What’s more, if you are concerned about price but absolutely do not want to sacrifice style, laminate or resilient flooring is likely your best option.