Preventative Care and Cleaning of Carpeting

Carpeted floors need more attention than hardwood floors simply because dirt, liquids, and gooey messes aren’t removed as easily from fibers as they are from a smooth, coated surface. We know how difficult (and aggravating) it can be to try and keep your carpets looking clean when they seem to attract every muddy shoe, every chocolate milk spill, and every glass of grape soda in the neighborhood.

To help you maintain the condition and appearance of your carpet, here are a few of our preventative and routine care tips.

Preventative Care and Cleaning of Carpeting

It only makes sense that higher quality carpeting will last longer and resist stains much better than cheaper carpeting, primarily because carpeting that is more expensive has been pretreated with a stain repellent that prevents fibers from absorbing liquid or dry dirt. However, these tips for maintaining your new carpet encompass all grades of carpeting quality and material:

• Blot (never rub or wipe) spills starting at the outside of the spill and moving
inward using an absorbent white cloth. Colored cloths could leave bleed and
stain the carpet – along with the spill!

• Invest in good quality padding when you have new carpet installed,
especially on heavily trafficked stairways. Durable padding extends a
carpet’s life by adding resilience and reducing fiber stress.

• Prevent “pile crushing” by relocating your heaviest pieces of furniture to
another area of the room every few months.

• Following steam cleaning of your carpet, allow it to dry thoroughly before
laying down throw rugs. Covering even slightly damp areas of the carpet
can promote mold growth that may be impossible to remove.

• Have you found candle wax or bubble gum stuck to your new carpet? Before
you scream, run to your freezer, get an ice cube, and rub it against the wax
or gum. Once the offending mess hardens, just pull it away from the
fibers – gently!

• Sprinkling carpet once a month with some baking soda and vacuuming will
help keep it smelling fresh and clean.

• If you see a loose fiber, don’t give in to the urge to pull it. Instead, trim it even
with the rest of the carpet. Tugging on that fiber could lead to a visible snag
suddenly erupting across the nice, smooth surface of your carpeting.

• Finally, avoid carpet fading by preventing sunlight from hitting areas of the
floor for extended periods by shading rooms with window blinds, covering
windows with black-out film, or installing retractable awnings outside
your home.

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