Color Matching & Pairing

Replacing your floor covering is a major decision. It’s one of the largest investments homeowners will likely make to their property. It’s also something that you’ll be living with for years to come. You want to choose a product and a color that will both complement your existing furnishings and flooring as well as give you room to grow.

Matching Your Existing Flooring to Your New Flooring
Matching your new flooring to your existing decor can be a challenge, especially when your transitioning from one type of flooring in one room to a different type of flooring in the adjacent room. Trying to match the new flooring exactly to the existing flooring is a task that’s virtually certain to fail.

A better plan is to find a coordinating color, one of the same general hue, but not exact. Below are just a few additional tips to help you choose your new flooring:

• If you’re opting for hardwood, stay with the same type of wood, but choose
a complementary stain. That way the grain pattern will be similar, even
though the color is slightly different.

• Use a threshold or a T-molding to separate one type of flooring from the
next. That way it’s obvious where one room ends and the other one begins.

• Another way to make your new flooring work with your existing flooring is to
install the new flooring at a 45-degree angle to the old. That way it has a
different look and doesn’t appear that you’re trying to match the old
hardwood or laminate exactly.

• Use the color wheel. The old design adages of contrasting and
complementary colors can help when blending carpets, tile, and
even hardwood.

Matching Your Flooring to Your Room
If you’re already put a lot of time, effort, and money into designing your room, you’ll want to pick a flooring that complements your existing color and style.

• Hardwood Flooring. Contrary to popular belief, hardwood flooring comes in
a rainbow of hues, from dark ebony and mahogany to light ash and
honey maple.

• Laminate Flooring. Like hardwood, laminate colors run the gamut from dark
to light earth tones.

• Tile. The subtle, natural hues of tile can make it a good choice for placing in
rooms adjacent to carpeting.

• Carpeting. Carpeting is available in virtually every hue. That makes carpeting
a good choice for decor that doesn’t adapt well to the natural hues of
hardwood and laminate flooring.

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